A 24 km. da Cefalù, è uno dei centri più interessanti delle Madonie.
Castello medievale dei Ventimiglia del 1316 – Madrice Vecchia del XIV sec. – Chiesa di San Francesco con Pantheon dei Ventimiglia – Museo Minà Palumbo.



24 km from Cefalu, is one of the most interesting town of the Madonie park with its Medieval Castle of Ventimiglia from 1316, the Old Madrice church from the fourteenth century, the Church of San Francesco with the pantheon of Ventimiglia and the Museum Mina Palumbo.



20 km from Cefalù and 6km from Gibilmanna, is perched at about 700m. (asl). From there you can admire a magnificent panorama of the Tyrrhenian coast from the Gulf of Palermo and Mount Pellegrino to the rugged and barren mountains of the Madonie and the dense forests and cork oaks on the other side.



22 km away from Cefalù, is perched at 765m (asl) with a 360-degree breathtaking panorama from the Aeolian Islands to Etna and from the heart of Sicily to Monte Pellegrino in Palermo. The castle’s tower, the modern greek style theater Pietrarosa, the Main Church that houses art works, the narrow streets and the picturesque views make Pollina a unique place to visit.



10 km. from Gibilmanna at 550m. (asl) in the center of an amphitheater of towering mountains and charming. Remains of a castle at the top, shows the importance of the place. Tourist attractions with its mother church decorations and in other churches with rich decorations like small treasures.