The Territory Madonie is a diverse set of environments.
A succession of deep valleys, rivers, mountains that overlook the sea, really small rural towns and villages, whose economy is based on agriculture and tourism.
A land untouched, fantastic.
A great landscape from many colors and shades.

Forests of beech, oak, chestnut, olive trees, ash trees (the manna), holly.
Myths and green hills, warm and sunny in summer, dominated by pastures.
A veritable botanical paradise, the park is home to most of the Madonie of the 2,600 species of flowers in Sicily.
There are many trails and dirt paths (trazzere) that penetrate into the vegetation to discover the most hidden and charming, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of nature.

The reserve is the Madonie highest mountain group of Sicily.
A short walk from Cefalu many villages, a great land where man and nature lived together for centuries. Small territories to discover and understand.
The tastes, the smells, the landscape, people …
Many towns and cities with a rich artistic heritage, enclosed within churches and palaces.