Artemis Hotel is located in the town of Cefalù very close to the sea and to the historical centre. It is situated in a newly renovated convent built in the 1950s.

Today, one can see how each element has been harmoniously blended with the old convent structure, respecting the aesthetics of a different historical period.

Staying in the Artemis Hotel is like living a dream in a historical environment with the best up-to-date technology at your service.

To admire the beauty of the landscape, to enjoy deep relaxation on the beach, to amble along the streets of the town…… or to discover the fascinating ancient history of the territory – it is a timeless adventure!

Servizi dell’hotel

The philosophy of the Artemis Hotel, from the moment of its creation, abides by the imperative of the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Going beyond the four stars which comprise various services, our staff observes high standards of courtesy and professionalism with our guests, in the interests of providing an optimal service and welcome.

Below is a list of services:

  • ROOM FACILITIES Bed, small table, wardrobe, bedside table and mirror, bedside table lamps or wall-lamps, reading or writing lights, a second bedside table in the double rooms, special stool or rack for luggage, furnished sitting area (Suites), armchair-bed.
  • TELEVISION: LCD in all rooms with satellite antenna.
  • BATHROOM:Soap, bubble bath, bath towel, towel, hand-towel, hair dryer, personal hygiene/fancy items ….
  • WASHING AND IRONING OF GUESTS’ LAUNDRY:24-hour service for laundry delivered before 09.00 am.
  • ROOM-CLEANING SERVICE: One cleaning per day, with afternoon control.
  • LINEN CHANGE: Change of sheets and towels each day, or as preferred by guests with special environmental considerations.
  • AIR CONDITIONING:throughout the building
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGES SPOKEN FLUENTLY: Two foreign languages spoken by reception/porter’s desk – information.
  • VALUABLES SAFETY STORAGE:Safety deposit-box in each room.
  • BREAKFAST SERVICE:In the restaurant-bar room.
  • BAR SERVICEGuaranteed 16/24 .
  • RESTAURANT: in the special restaurant of “Villa dei Melograni”* *Managed by the same company and located just a few hundred meters away.
  • ENTRANCE POINTS AND PARKING:Entrance protected by a portical Separate entrance for luggage. Service areas (offices) serving the floors. Insured 24/7 car parking service (non-supervised).
  • TRANQUILLITY:Sound-proof rooms.