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Cefalù, an evocative name. A fantastic city with an infinite history. Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, illuminated by the unmistakable Sicilian sun and lapped by the bright waters of the Mediterranean. Inserted in the restricted club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the town is the ideal landing place for tourists from all over the world, who are struck by the beauty of the old town and the fullness of the landscape. Cefalù is not only a place, a territory, an environment, but it is above all the most fascinating demonstration of the millenary passage of stories, men and cultures.

Events: The Cefalu summer is rich in cultural events. The most important festivities take place from August 2 to 6, in honor of the Holy Savior. The devotion of the Norman city to the Most Holy Savior begins with the construction of the Cathedral Basilica by the Norman King Roger II, who inside plans and realizes the great event through the great evangelical mosaic depicting the Christ Pantocrator. Among the many traditional events and entertainment we recommend the "ntinna a mari". The event wanted by the fishermen is a race that in its simplicity contains the very essence of the bond man-boat, man-sea. The race sees young and old fishermen leaning towards the conquest of a colored flag attached to the tip of a long trunk, made slippery by the fat. Those who manage to take the flag almost always emphasize the victory with the cry "Viva il S.S. Salvatore", which is chanted by all the audience present. The historical origins of the race are not certain, the first time in which it deals with the subject, dates back to 1783. The most consistent hypothesis is that the race was born from the will of the commanders of the ancient sailing ships, in periods of total calm, to have the sailors always alert and active, created this game of prizes, on the pole of the bow of the boat. According to tradition, only the sons of the fishermen can participate.




The Madonie Park is an uncontaminated, fantastic territory, rich in infinite colours and nuances. Woods of beech, oak, chestnut, olive trees, ash (manna), holly, mild and green hills, warm and sunny in summer, where they dominate the pastures.
A true botanical paradise, it is home to most of the 2,600 species of flowers found in Sicily.

There are many paths and "trazzere" (dirt tracks) that go into the vegetation, to discover the most hidden and picturesque corners, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of nature.


24 km. from Cefalù, is one of the most interesting centers of the Madonie.
Medieval castle of Ventimiglia of 1316 - Old Mother of the fourteenth century. - Church of St. Francis with Pantheon of Ventimiglia - Museum Minà Palumbo.


The Sanctuary is 15 km. from Cefalù at 800m. (s.l.m.) A symbol of faith and appeal to the eternal and true values. Church with a Greek cross, difficult to date due to the lack of documentary evidence, until 1228, the year in which the priory was established. A wonderful altar in baroque style with marble inlays and the "miraculous" statue of 1534 by Antonello Gagini.


At 20 km. from Cefalù and 6 km. from Gibilmanna, perched at about 700m. (s.l.m.) from here you can admire a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian coast to the Gulf of Palermo and Mount Pellegrino, from the other side of the country a series of mountains in the chain of Madonie varied and jagged, from barren mountains to views of dense forests of oaks and cork oaks.


22 km. from Cefalù perched at 765m. (s.l.m.) enchanting and wide 360° panorama from the Aeolian Islands to Mount Etna from the heart of Sicily to Mount Pellegrino in Palermo. The Tower of the ancient castle in Pietrarosa and the modern Greek-style theatre, the Mother Church, which preserves works of art, and its narrow streets with picturesque views are all of interest to tourists.


10 km. from Gibilmanna at 550m. (above sea level) in the middle of an amphitheatre of imposing and suggestive mountains. Remains of a castle in the highest part, testifies to the importance of the place. The mother church with its decorations inside and the other churches rich in decorations as well as small art treasures are of tourist interest.
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