Villa dei Melograni Restaurant

Official Artemis Hotel Cefalù Partner

Villa dei Melograni is the official partner of Artemis Hotel Cefalù, during your stay in the hotel you can book dinner with a 10% discount.

Book your dinner directly at our reception.

We are confident that you will spend an unforgettable evening of good taste and refinement.

It offers the opportunity to enjoy an intense gastronomic experience, typical of Mediterranean flavors. To frame your evening will be the splendid view of the Gulf of Cefalù and over a large part of the entire town of Cefalù.

Villa dei Melograni is located on the slopes of the majestic Rocca di Cefalù, and given the strategic position of this place, it boasts of being an evocative as well as unique location.


Reception Hall, Meeting & Restaurant

Inside the structure it is also possible to organize conferences, meetings, reunions and events of all kinds thanks to the presence of dedicated rooms and the collaboration of our staff.

The passion for cooking, the choice of the best quality raw materials and the attention to detail, make Villa dei Melograni an enchanting and elite location.

You can enjoy the flavors of typical Mediterranean cuisine thanks to the excellent restaurant service offered by our chefs. It is thanks to the magnificent work of these professionals, the imagination in the kitchen is not lacking.

The dishes are deeply linked to tradition and place but there is no lack of innovation and imagination!

That’s why at Villa dei Melograni you can savor the authentic taste of food and fully satisfy the palate.

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